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“Una firma nell’acqua”

“A sign in the water”

Bull’s Head and Mermaid: The History of Paper and Watermarks from the Middle Ages to the Modern Period (2009, 128p)

This exhibition is dedicated to a special treasure within the framework of paper history research: watermarks. Visible when holding any bank note against light, watermarks were produced in a myriad of shapes from the 13th century on when they were first invented in Europe. They make an excellent mean to date unidentified documents, a Mozart manuscript for example, or authenticate works of art, such an etching signed “Rembrandt”.

The public is presented with a concise and profound introduction to watermarks, techniques of paper manufacture and the scientific study of papers in general. A special section deals with the watermarks analyzed against the background of medieval symbolism. The importance of watermarks for paleography is also underlined. Watermark scholars and watermark collections in Europe receive a due share of focus, while the digital presentation of watermarks of several European databases establishes the connection between past and present.

A catalog with detailed scientific information serves to deepen the various aspects shown through the exhibition.

catalogcover_engl_Bull's head and mermaid

This is a Bernstein’s project initiative. The english catalogue is not online yet.

In the Diocesan Library of Cremona you can read the italian catalogue. Click the link on the image!

From 29/10/2008 to 31/12/2008

Archivio Storico Civico and Biblioteca Trivulziana
Castello Sforzesco-Piazza Castello, 1 MILANO

Testa di bue e sirena. La memoria della carta e delle filigrane dal Medioevo al Seicento.
/ cured by Rückert , Peter . – Stuttgart, 2007 . – 94 p.


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